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Dear visitors,

let me welcome everybody to the virtual tour of the Klatovy Catacombs.

You are entering the crypts below the Jesuit church, which for more than 100 years have been called Catacombs, even though they are not real catacombs in the original sense of the word.

Here we have arranged an exposition for you touching the life in the Baroque Klatovy, essentially influenced by the Jesuits.

They invited excellent architects, sculptors and painters and built up a complex of buildings headed by a church, college and gymnasium.

The Klatovy gynasium was a major Baroque school of the type in the state. Average numbers of daily educated students were large - 310 students on average at the beginning of the 18th century. The early date of its foundation - 1636 - makes Klatovy one of the first towns with a tradition of a gymnasium-type school in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

Jesuits buried members of the order, benefactors, important and less important people in the crypt below the church. A unique procedure turned their bodies into 'mummies'.

The new exposition was founded as a project of the Klatovske katakomby Civic Association, together with the Town of Klatovy, local Roman-Catholic parish, Czech Jesuits and the diocese of Plzen; it was subsidized by the European funds.

Our acknowledgement belong to all its authors, namely Doc. Ivana Cornejova, CsC., and Ing. Jan Cervenak.

Please take this virtual tour with beautiful photographs made by Karel Novacek as an invitation card to the Klatovy Catacombs.



Ing. Václav Chroust
chair of the Klatovské katakomby Civic Association

Virtuální prohlídka katakomb


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